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Thalassaemia International Day 8th May 2014

The International Thalassaemia Day on 8th May this year, was of special significance for the Society, as it was also celebrating its Silver Jubilee year of service to the thalassaemics. The Society was founded in 1990 when thalassaemia, although rampant in the country, was relatively unrecognized, and patients were lost in their early years due to haphazard treatment. It is gratifying to note that due to its extensive awareness campaign, treatment centers are now active in all major towns of the country providing treatment and preventive programs.
A special seminar was arranged for the day, which was honoured by the presence of Madam Al Jourah Abdullah Alarifi as the Chief Guest and was presided over by Dr. Saeed Elahi, Chairman of Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Mr. Nima Saeed Abid local representative of the WHO also joined in. The stage was also adorned by the presence of Lt. Gen (R) Fahim Ahmad Khan, Dr. Jamal Nasir, Lt. Gen (R) M. Kamal Akbar and Maj. Gen (R) Masood Anwar.
Thalassaemia patients and their parents, along with the elite of medical profession and local dignities fully enjoyed the proceeding and active participation of the thalassaemics who presented Talawat, Naat and Tableau indicated their will to fight the disease and become useful citizens.
Lt. Gen(R) Fahim, delivered the welcome address and also explained the importance of the International Thalassaemia Day and the continuous efforts of the World Federation for the improvement of treatment facilities and welfare of the thalassaemics the world over. The theme of the year “Economic Recession: Observe-Join Forces -Safeguard Health”, was explained and the Federation’s video released for the occasion, was shown. The speakers included Dr. Jamal Nasir, Maj. Gen (R) Suhaib, Prof. Tahira Zafar and Mr. Saeed Elahi, who stressed on the various aspects of the theme for the year and advocated strong measures by the Govt and cooperation of the masses to arrest the further spread of the disease. Her Excellency Madam Al Jourah Abdullah Alarifi, the Chief Guest, appreciated the working of this Society and stressed that the thalassaemics needed special attention, and should be encouraged to become useful members of the society. She kindly offered her services for the fight against disease and announced a generous donation for the treatment of the patients. Lt. Gen (R) Fahim Ahmad Khan presented her a shield to mark the occasion after she had distributed shields to the speakers and participants. The seminar, kindly sponsored by Novartis, terminated on a vow to continue efforts for the arrest and eventual eradication of thalassaemia from the country.

Bismillah Charity (Luton UK) Visits the Thalassaemia House

The Bismillah Federation paid their sixth visit to the Thalassaemia Houes 23rd April 2014, leaded by their chairman Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishte. They interviewed the five patients being sponsored by them and were satisfied with their welfare and the treatment being recurred by them. The third installment of Rs. 160,000/- was donated for continuing their treatment and 80 valuable gift packs were distributed amongst the patients. In addition one pack of 10 chorionic villous sampling needles, with Rs.55,000 was also donated for testing the Thalassaemia status of the foetes during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. This will go a long way in preventing birth of fresh patients. The society is most grateful for their continued support over the years.

Ummah Welfare Trust (UK)

The local representative of the Trust Mr. Fazal-e-wahid donated 160 Ramzan Rations for Thalassaemic families registered with the society. During last Eid ul Azha, the federation had distributed 100 bags of sacrificial meat amongst the Thalassaemia families. In addition they have been donating blood bags and medicines for use of the patients. The society is most grateful for their support.

Blood Donor Day 14th June 2014 Clinical Meeting

A clinical meeting was jointly held by Pakistan Thalassaemia Welfare Society and Pakistan Medical Association (Rwp/ Islamabad Chapter) on 14th June 2014 at Thalassaemia House Tipu Road Rawalpindi. The Ex.President Dr.Abdul Qayyum Awan Presided over the Meeting. Professor Dr. Tahira Zafar Spoke about the prevention of Thalassaemia.
Dr Lt.Col (R) Yusuf Mujahid gave a resume of Pakistan Thalassaemia Welfare Society.
Miss Ayesha Abid President TAAP briefly highlighted the importance of awareness about Thalassaemia. Brig® Mohammaad Fayaz AMC expressed his experience/feeling as a father of a Thalassaemia daughter. Quite a few Specialists and General Medical Practitioners attended the meeting besides parents and patients. The meeting served as a much needed awareness contact with the local medical practitioners. All participants were served with a delicious dinner by the courtesy of Novartis.

Punjab Thalassaemia Prevention Program

Useful work is being done in cooperation with the Punjab Thalassaemia Prevention Programe Rawalpindi. Chapter, recently 11 individuals from this society were screened by them, of which four work detected being thalassaemia trade villas 7 were found normal. The programe will continue and help prevention of birth of fresh cases of thalassaemia.
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