Our Mission, We aim to:

Promote awareness about thalassaemia, its prevention, medical and other care

Promote and support studies and research for the continuous improvement of prevention and clinical care strategies and for achieving the total cure of thalassaemia

Disseminate the knowledge, experience and expertise gained from countries with successful control programmes to those in need

Attain the right of every patient to equal access to quality medical care


We hope to achieve this through:

Offering genetic counseling to sufferers, carries and their families.

Promoting and coordinating research in the field to Thalassaemia.

Bringing together patients, families and well wishers to exchange ideas and information.

Raising funds required for the above-mentioned activities.

Helping and advising patients suffering from Thalassaemia, include help in the arrangement for blood transfusions and iron-chelation therapy.

Acting as an advisory body to safeguard the socio-economic interests of Thalassaemia patients.

Cooperating with any similar association in and outside Pakistan for the achievements of the objectives of the Society.

Establishing a blood/blood component centre, fully equipped and staffed to provide relief to Thalassaemia patients and to treat iron overload by chelation therapy.

Educating the public and the various health delivery organizations of Pakistan about the problems of Thalassaemia. This would include lectures/ symposia/ workshops and demonstrations on various aspects of Thalassaemia in layman language. Pamphlets and other advertising will be arranged for general awareness.