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Special Efforts of the Society for the Welfare of the Patients
  1. Desferal injection for the children to remove excess iron form the body, are provided to the patients at highly subsided rates. All poor patients are given these injections gratis.
  2. Blood is collected from the various colleges, the staff visits the colleges and collects blood from students after delivering awareness lecture about the disease. The blood is given free to the patients.
  3. Poor patients are provided blood and Desferal absolutely free (about 25% of all patients attending).
  4. All registered patients are being immunised against Hepatitis B at the Society’s expense.
  5. Imported and locally manufactured infusion pumps are used at the centre and by the patients at home.
  6. Most laboratory tests for patients are done free at the Thalassaemia Treatment Centre and associated laboratories.
  7. Services of Consultants, at various hospitals are arranged for patients if needed.
  8. The Bismillah Foundation (Luton UK) has kindly sponsored five patients whose treatment expenses are being borne by them.
  9. Pamphlets & Newsletter are given free to parents and general public for awareness campaign.
  10. The society is a member of Thalassaemia International Federation Cyprus and gets the latest information about research activities and treatment matters including the quarterly Newsletter from them.
  11. Attending patients and their parents are provided free lunch.
  12. Quarterly meeting are held with the patients and their parents to advise on latest development & welfare measures.
  13. Executive committee meetings are held regularly.
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