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Philanthropists, Banks, Associations, Rotary Clubs and charitable trusts etc. are requested to come forward to give relief to the Thalassaemia affected children, a noble act of humanitarian nature.

The Thalassaemia House is functional at Tipu Road Rawalpindi, which caters for all treatment, prevention and research facilities for the ever-increasing patients under one roof.

Please support the project with Zakat/Donation and join in this humanitarian job as “Sadqa-e-Jaria”

Sponsors are welcome to support/adopt a Thalassaemia Child, being treated at the centre by paying annual expenses.

Register yourself as member of the society. The annual registration fee is Rs. 500/- while life membership fee is Rs. 5000/-

The society acknowledges with thanks the efforts of some friends & well wishers of Thalassaemia patients who raised funds for the society & are keen to do their best for these unfortunate patients.

Absolute Accountability

We not only allow you to track how every cent of your donation is being spent, but also let you have a say in how your money should be spent. Starting from equipment/medicine purchased to patient treated. At any time, you can check our financial records.


We accept donations in Pak Rupees, US Dollar, UK Pound.

1. National Bank A/C no. 3072102665 & 4072115150
R.M.C Branch, Tipu Road,
Bank Code:1493

2. Pakistan Thalassaemia Welfare Society (Regd)
Tipu Road, Opp. Rawalpindi Medical College,

Tel: +92-51-5706515, 5706551